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Parafon Forte

Related article: pleasure that the touch of such water gives, and we have heard people say that they would come to Sprudelheim for one such bath alone. It is seldom indeed that an invalid is prescribed, as a remedy for sickness, anything half so pleasant. There is much drinking of waters besides the bathing and, in the early morning hours, every visitor to Sprudelheim marches to one or other of the springs, carrying a graduated glass drink- ing cup. Two country lasses stand at a kind of bar and fill the glasses as they are presented. The first cupful of water is slowly drunk. A short stroll must be taken and a second glass is then consumed. It is not nasty but no one can call it nice. Perhaps the best description was overheard from an English gentleman who, to say the least, fancied himself and drawled somewhat in his speech, "tastes like inferiah sea watah." We must not question its special merits, but the early walk and the systematic sluicing of the human framework mu^ count for something. We have heard of pure springs in our own Scotland, which have very health- giving properties if a drinker visits them on foot before break- fast. May dew gathered before the sun is up had also a great hygienic reputation, according to the wisdom of our grandmothers. And the morning walk to the springs at Sprudelheim has many simple pleasures. There is a band of course ; there are flower- girls from whom it is our daily duty to buy bouquets of roses (the rose gardens of the district are celebrated); there are the various hawkers who hang about the paths and alleys showing their simple wares to the visitors^ some selling earthenware, some country laces and embroideries, and one man in a jdger costume driving a thriving trade in foxes* brushes mounted on handles for housemaids' use in clearing away cobwebs. We saw a very dis- tinguished ex-M.F.H. contem- plating this man and his stock- in-trade with a very mixed expression. He could not recon- cile himself to the idea that such trophies could have been legiti- mately come by, and seemed .to 1899.1 SPRUDELHEIM 337 think that each brush represented a peculiarly atrocious vulpecide. But there is one most important business which is Parafon 500 Mg performed con- scientiously by every one who goes to the trinkkalk. In a conspicuous place are hung barometers Buy Parafon and thermometers of all kinds, Reaumur, Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Variations of temperature and indications of Parafon Forte Dsc weather are always most care- fully studied and, in a place where interests are few and simple, form an even more important subject of conversation than they do in England. Perhaps to a lounger the most amusing part of the business is overhearing the very vague explanations of the read- ings of the different thermometers, as given by the various ladies and gentlemen who consult them. Most people seem to be still of opinion that the scientific instru- ment of each nation tells a different tale and that they are patriotically bound to maintain that the Parafon Forte Parafon Tablets one to which they are accustomed is infallible and that the others lie unblushingly. AA/hile we are at the trinkhalle^ let us stroll to the neighbouring parish church and God's acre. Among the memorials of the dead there is one that has a very real and national interest. It has been raised in honour of the territorial soldiers who gave their lives for their country in the Franco- German war, and on it are set down the names of every Hans or Friedrich that died in battle or of disease during the great campaign. The story of their patriotism is ever before their relations and descendants and teaches the present generation by what per- sonal self-sacrifice the greatness of the Fatherland has been achieved. And it is not in Sprudelheim alone that such a monument is to be found. In every little German town the memory of the gallant dead is in like manner preserved and no name however humble is lost to the country which the soldier served. In England we are not unmindful of the men who have died to maintain our honour and guard our interests, but our recognition is not so wide reach- ing and systematic as that which Germany gives to its lost cham- pions. The table d'hdte has been men- tioned. Now, as in Sir F. Head's time, the dinner hour in Germany is one o'clock and at that time, in the Kurhaus and at all the hotels of Sprudelheim, a most substantial meal is provided. But the cuisine differs much from that of sixty years since. No longer can it be said that " after the company have eaten heavily of messes which it would be impossible to describe, in comes some nice salmon — then fowls — then puddings — then meat again — then stewed fruit, and after the English stranger has fallen back in his chair quite beaten, a leg of mutton majestically makes its appearance ! " No, the dinner that is offered to-day, though certainly substantial, still follows the established routine of a civil- ised meal, and the cookery is good enough for any one who does not require the refinements of the Amphitryon Club. No one can eat to repletion at one o'clock, however, and it would Parafon Forte 500 Mg be an awful trial to sit through the Parafon Forte Dsc 500 Mg whole gamut of the Buy Parafon Forte repast in a stuffy hall crowded with one or two hundred fellow creatures. By the favour of the Ober we are accommodated with a table under the trees on the terrasse and are served with a small selection from the copious menUj which, though not beyond the scope of a German appetite, is yet too extensive to 338 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Mav be grappled with by a mere Briton. And here let it be said, for the information of any possible visitor to Sprudelheim, that little restriction is put upon appetite by medical Parafon Dsc direction. There is some mild advice as to what you must eat, drink and avoid, but possibly Sir F. Head's theory on the sub- ject has still some approximation to truth — that, if everybody led an ascetic life and reduced eating to the very moderate amount' that